Thursday, October 05, 2006

Too Cool

Mr. Cool's daughters live "in the City" and they know "people," people who work for huge law firms that are all big and bad. These huge law firms have neat things that they give to their attorneys to give to clients. Of course, these attorneys also give the neat things to friends who give the neat things to their dads who then give the neat things to their co-workers, which leads us to today.

Mr. Cool left me a couple of pens (I really like pens) and a mutha$#%!g apple (we know my stance on the apple - I will eat this one though, it is worth it for the pens).

You see, these are no ordinary pens ...

Oh noooo, these pens, they are also computer storage disks with USB ports ...

That's right. My pen is so bad ass that I can plug it into my computer and use it as a disk!

Pretty cool, huh? It's good to know people (who have daughters who know people).

It is also good to know how to read directions and realize that you are NOT smarter or cooler than a pattern. I learned last night that my cables were wonky because I had cabled front then cabled back on the next go around. NOT GOOD. My cables could have been seizure-inducing with all of that back and forth action if I had kept it up.

Note to self: Read the WHOLE pattern first. Yes, you are not on the right hand yet, but read it anyway. Then you know that the cable in the front bit is for the RIGHT hand, not something they forgot to mention on a round for the left one. D'oh!


metal and knit said...

What a good idea having the flash rom thingys as a pen so easy and useable.

A South Park Republican said...

I know! I don't know why you never see these in stores.