Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Random Product Endorsement II

Y'all may remember my previous random product endorsement. Well guess what? I've got another one! The things I try for you!

This is the best flavored popcorn I've ever had (or, that I can remember having as I am sure I have thought that the popcorn I was eating right then in the past was the best but I just can't remember so there ya have it). It is a candy apple flavor and it is delish! There is the perfect blend of crunch and mush with the popcorn, nuts, and gooey coating. The salty from the nuts and the sweet from the gooeyness also blend perfectly. There is a slight hint of cinnamon that somehow just works. Though it has apple flavor, it 1) is not overwhelming; and, 2) has no discernible chunks of crunchy apple. The gooey coating, though gooey, does not have excessive stick-in-your-teethedness. Yum!

My husband picked this up and offered me a bite foolishly thinking that I would not love it as much as he did because I am not a lover of the apple. Foolish Boy! It was so good that he repeatedly smacked my hand as I reached over to try to get another kernel of goodness. I believe he may have even used the trite, "You'll ruin your supper!" in an attempt to ward of my advances.* The day he bought it, I took these pictures. That night, he left the container on the desk by the computer. I'm not admitting anything, but let me just say that the next day, the container and its contents - gone. Vanished. Poof.

So, if you happen to see this popcorn (I believe Boo got it at Target, but I am not one hundred percent sure), I HIGHLY recommend it. It makes a great snack or a great (if not wholly nutritious) meal (not that I ate it for dinner or anything because, you know, it wasn't mine, and eating someone's popcorn as a meal, not just a bite here or there, especially without his permission, well that would be mean).

(Note that in this picture about half is already missing because we ate it before I could even take a picture!)

* This is the dumbest saying ever. First, supper? No, it is dinner. But moving on, how am I going to ruin my supper/dinner exactly? I might ruin my appetite, but the actual meal, not gonna ruin it.

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