Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Spare Change?

Yeah, my gloves are done. I am now ready to go panhandle. Panhandle? Panhandle. The overwhelming response from my non-knitter friends is that these are the gloves of the homeless or of the people who panhandle. I tried to make arguments for when these would be useful ... when smoking, when using a bus ticket, when scooping poop on a dog walk ... but I could find no takers. Instead, the image in my head is not gorgeous (part) cashmere fingerless glove, it's homeless woman digging through trash. Mind you, I have never seen a panhandler or a homeless person with gloves, fingerless or otherwise, this swank, but whatever, the image has stuck.

I wore my little bambinos on Saturday afternoon to a couple of wine tastings. No one looked at me funny (well other than the people I was with) or offered me change (dammit!). I did have a few flashbacks to the summer of 1999 when I shattered my elbow and wrist and wore a cast for many MANY months. The bit between the thumb and fingers is a bit cast-like.

I decided to block the gloves and dunked them in water and laid them flat in the shape that I wanted (truthfully they were not exactly "pair" like, one was noticablely bigger than the other; and, the ends by the fingers flared out like a ruffle). They were taking forever to dry so I tossed them on the drying rack in the dryer. There was no shrinkage (whew) and I was able to have them ready for modeling.

You might be able to detect a certain malaise infiltrating this post and though I am not too terribly thrilled with fingerless gloves - homeless, useless, why? - that is not the reason. You see, it is hard to take pictures of yourself, especially your hands. So, I was using the counter top and the camera timer to take pictures and when this one was snapped:

Not only is the picture bad, it broke my camera! My brand new camera. The damn thing fell off of the counter and broke after it snapped the craparific picture. Broke so that it won't take pictures (I was going to show you the yarn I had left over - like all five inches of it) and the lens thing that sticks out is bent left in a forty-five degree angle. Of course I did not have the extended warranty, not that it would cover this kind of tragedy, so I am now back to the old camera (which is MIA) unless, of course, you can spare some change.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmarino Aran (colour: 300502; dye lot 25)
Needles: Inox DPN, size 6
Pattern: Knitty's Fetching.
Time: 4 days
Care: Machine wash, dry flat

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