Monday, October 09, 2006

Where I Like to Knit

Crazy Aunt Purl, an internet voyeur like myself, asked her readers to submit a photo of their favorite place to knit and then posted them on her site. I had several from which I had to whittle my selection.

First, there was this:

My office. Obviously the chair is only "so" comfortable (it is "pleather" and makes my butt sweat) and I am surrounded by paneling which I abhor (please someone, remodel my family room!) but, I looovvveee knitting here because HELLO, that means I am not working!

Second, we had the tub.

I've never actually knit (or taken a bath) here because hello, my tub is old, it has weird grip strip things that probably would feel bad on my nether region, someone else's nekid arse has sat there (like the icky previous owners), and it is like, not a big ole lounging tub made for relaxation. But, I would love to knit in a tub with massaging jets pounding my back.

Third, we have la toilet.

An inspired choice if you will, but gross. So gross that despite how funny I think it would be to knit while otherwise occupied here, I have refrained.

Fourth, we have a local bar/restaurant.

Since Connecticut has (and enforces) a no smoking policy, I could knit in my local establishment and not worry about my yarn's second hand smoke inhalation, but I don't because it drives Boo nuts. I do, however, bring my knitting with me in case he decides to make love to his PDA check his e-mail.

And last, we have the piece de resistance:

This is my family's Stiltsville house (my uncle is/was a part owner with several other people). This is our second house; the first one was destroyed in Hurricane Andrew back in 1992. It was at Stiltsville that I watched my aunt knit, knit and then knit some more when I was a kid. While she would knit and my mom would needle point, I would tan or swim or fish. I wish now that I had sat up stairs and knit with them. Unfortunately, I can't do that now, but when I think of favorite knitting spots, this one takes the cake.

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