Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cinqo De ... Sleeveo

Well folks, here in the land of anal-retentive (is there a hyphen in there?), sleeve five is coming along swimmingly. It fits, and honestly, that is gonna have to be good enough. That little extra halo caused by the repeated ripping that now emanates from the sleeve and makes me twitch a little; it's a bonus. Right? Right!

Speaking of bonus, um, or not, I saw the My Life. My Blog entry over at Cara's and decided I had to do my own. The only problem is that my office = ghetto. In the ghetto, scanner = p.o.s. So, when I scanned my bad boy in, I lost the pretty green color of the ink that I used, many of the dots that made up the lines, the overall straightness of the thing, and the clean crispness that only an original has. Honestly, the scanner turned this into something that looks like it has been ridden hard and hung up wet. But that didn't deter me. Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Um, what the hell am I talking about? I dunno.

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Anonymous said...

you are such a goof ball!