Friday, November 17, 2006

Two Things


Lawyer Argues Sex With Dead Deer Not Crime.

I'm going to let you make your own jokes on this one as I am sure they are much better than mine. I will say though, that it is cases like this that make me wish I was a criminal attorney. I'm not sure that I could argue that it is fine to have sex with animals so long as they are dead with a straight face, but man would I like to try!

ETA: Apparently this story is making the rounds on the internet and has been picked up by The Smoking Gun. If The Duluth News Tribune link above is busy or wonky, you can read about it here, on The Smoking Gun.

SECOND (and more importantly)

When I got home today* I saw this:

After performing a little surgery, I saw this:

(Not the knife part. That was all me and my feeble attempts to beat the tape. Holy crap was that some strong tape!)

Then, I got to this:

Yeah! My Secret Pal rocks! Thank you! For you non-knittsy types, that is some hand spun, hand dyed goodness. It is nice and sproingy (is this a word? if not it should be) and I love the colors. In fact I have some Blue Heron scarf yarn that has a similar color way and will look really nice with it - not too matchy, just right. And Justin Timberlake! I have high hopes for this album.** I can't wait to fire up some JT and get to knitting. Oh, and um, in case you were wondering, there may be a few less M&M's in there than were originally shipped. I needed some protein to muster the energy for the photoshoot. Peanut M&Ms = peanuts = protein. Shut it!

* This was actually written last night but then Blogger went all wonky and it wouldn't upload. So by today, I really mean yesterday.

** I actually got to listen to the entire album last night (after I typed the post which Blogger rejected) and I LOVE IT! It is one of those rare albums where I listened to every song and never skipped ahead (though to be honest, I almost skipped SexyBack because I have listened to that oh, a gazillion times, but then it pulled me in and I was singing and then next thing you know I was on to song three). And, speaking of great music, a big fat thank you to TWG for lending me Citizen Cope's new album Every Waking Moment. Love it! I now have lots of cool new music. BUT, you should know that those these albums are great and I recommend them wholeheartedly, they are in no way appropriate for romancing or getting your freak on with the local wildlife population ... whether said wildlife is dead or alive.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! you got it! glad the package was a hit!

take care and have a great thanksgiving.

your sneaky pal