Friday, December 01, 2006


How could I forget to tell you? I don't know. But I did! Must have been the proverbial brainfart. Anywho, I finished my formerly-known-as-the-sweater-of-doom-then-known-as-the-never-ending-sweater-but-now-known-as-Snuffleupagus-because-the-sleeves-look-like-his-trunk.

Well, by finished, I mean I just have to sew the pieces together. If I knew how to do that (mattress stitch? whip stitch? ¿quĂ© carajo? no comprendo), then it would be done. Sometimes I am a slacker, but this sweater was really easy to knit and if I actually knew what I had been doing the whole time without going to class (or had blindly knitted ahead like some of the teacher's pets in my class ... I'm not really that bitter, it's just that I hate being the "slow" one), then this could have been done in three weeks - I wouldn't have even needed a whole month. God bless the knit stitch!

Oh, and unrelated to my brainfart, I have read here and here and a few more places that I have now forgotten, that this guy is conducting research about the internet meme and knittingbloggers are being asked to participate and represent. Yo. Represent! So, I'm doing it and I think you should do it too. All the cool kids are doing it. The directions are as follows:

1) Have a glass of wine. Okay, this may not be a "real" instruction. I may have added that one in there. An insentive, if you will.
2) Write a post linking to the guy in which you explain the experiment. See above. Does not (hopefully) have to be particullary well written.
3) Ask your readers (or your make believe readers) to do the same.
4) Ping Technorati. I looked this up as "pinging" was foreign to me. You click the link and you end up at a page where you can enter your home page URL, thus causing Technorati to come have a look at what you've been up to ...
6) Have another glass of wine and smile because you were helpful.

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