Sunday, December 31, 2006

Finally, vol. i

It's done! And, it is still 2006 (with two hours to spare). My final finished object for the year.


This sweater had both highs and lows. It was tediously slow going and unbelievable quick. It was simple and hard. I thought the seaming was going to kill me. It didn't. Not quite anyway. It was my very first sweater so I am giving myself a little slack. Except for my photography skills in this picture ... it reminds me of a mug shot. I can't imagine what my head would have looked like if I hadn't cut it off!

There are a lot of things I don't like about this sweater. Like the fact that you can see my bra through it (as evident in all but two of the gazillion pictures I took). Or the sleeves, which have a linebacker look to them because they are both too low and too poofy. I mean, it could be worse. The sleeves could be different lengths.

As I said to Boo, I wouldn't buy this if I had tried it on in a store. But I'll wear it because I worked hard.

Yarn: Lang Pearl; Color: rust; Dye Lot 44417
Needles: Addis Size 9
Pattern: Caviar Sweater
Time: 2 months
Care: Machine wash, dry flat, low heat iron


The Woolgatherer said...

Your sweater looks great on! Yipee! I am so proud of you!!

Suz said...

Did you use the Japanese folding technique?

A South Park Republican said...

TWG- Thanks! One day you will see it on in person.

Suz- I tried but it was too damn slippery!!