Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm So NOT a Winner

WARNING: The following post contains graphic images of BAD BAD things! Terrible things. Yarn abuse. You may wish to advert your eyes.

Okay, you've been warned .... You will not believe what I did. Hell, I can not believe what I did.

It all started when Snuffleupagus' sleeve look like something out of medieval times. It was about four inches too long and poofy as all hell at the top where I had sewn it in. I started to undo all of my seaming but because it was like the umpteen time I did it, the seam was not coming out. I thought I could see exactly where my seam was, so I very carefully snipped the yarn that was the seam. Apparently I was not careful enough.

When I realized what happened I just about lost my mind. After I finished ranting (for the time being), I told Boo I was going to toss the whole thing in the garbage. I was done. The sweater was stupid to begin with. You name it, I bitched about it. He then very calmly told me that if I was going to pitch it, I should take a knife to it first. Get all of my anger out. I thought about and realized I couldn't do it. I couldn't destroy all of that work. So, it seems that I am going to try to rescue the stupid fuking thing. I thought about working on it this afternoon, but Cat was too busy getting cozy with the carnage.

When I finally shooed him off, I realized that I sliced into the sleeve too. A little extra destruction I hadn't notice before. Yeah!

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