Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm a Winner

The cup does not in fact hold eight ounces, even poured to the tippy top, it only holds four. I took a picture to show y'all how high he tried to fill it, but water, it's clear, it's not the best photographic medium for me, a woman who is not such a great photographer. In fact the before and after pictures were nearly identical and only a small piece of hair (I'm thinking it might have been mohair but then again it might have been cat hair or dog hair or even my hair) allows you to tell that there is in fact water in there. So, for winning the bet, I got a ten minute real back massage (it was real in the sense that it was all fingers and hands and no roller things or electric devices). It is a good thing I won too, as a loser I would have been subjected to one hour and forty-two minutes of, as Ty Burr of the Boston Globe states, "...the cinematic equivalent of a toupee that doesn't convince." Or, as you (and Boo) might call it, Rocky Balboa or as I call it, Rocky 704, will they ever stop making these movies?

I'm also a winner when it comes to knitting, sort of. I managed to get some more seaming done on Snuffleupagus. Side two, complete! Also,

That's right, I have pictures of the smelly shawl/wrap. Behold.

Yes, I know, most of the photos are not of my knitted goodness on a human. This is mostly because I was apprehensive about using the self-timer function since the last time I did this, the camera fell and broke.

There is also the slight issue that as a shawl, it looks quite dumb. I think it is way too short. It also looks weird with the rows going all wonky. Hence the "scarf" shot. This may be my most expensive scarf yet. It does feel nice on the neck though, so I guess I can live with that. Ok, that's is a lie, I can't live with it. If I don't somehow mentally decide I like this as a shawl the way it is, it will be frogged and modified to be a shawl that I like.

Yarn: Art Yarns, Silk Rhapsody, 2 skeins (260 yd ea.); Color: 140 Silver
Needles: Addis Size 8
Pattern: Art Yarns Open Shawl (pattern came with yarn)
Time: 1 1/2 month
Care: Dry Clean Only, do not iron

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