Monday, February 19, 2007

For Real

Holy Shit Yo!

I have the salmonella peanut butter!

It has the right code and everything.

And, I have eaten it. A whole bunch of it!

Obviously the peanut butter is no longer in my pantry. In fact, it is sitting on my desk as a reminder to call Peter Pan to see if I can get a free replacement. Is that cheap of me? It could be worse, I could use it up. I mean, I did eat half of it already. I don't think it has salmonella. But I'm not really sure. I mean, I don't have a gall bladder, so half the stuff I eat sends me to the restroom anyway. Also, I seem to have an unusual tolerance to foods that could kill me.

Oh, and in light of the recent salmonella peanut butter development, I hereby officially and publicly apologize to my husband for threatening to harm him or his man parts if he so much as put a finger on my peanut butter. As he is a hater of the Peter Pan and a lover of the Skippy (ick!), I thought he was being prickish. I thought wrong. He was being a kind and caring husband and was only looking out for my best interest. So, be it known to all that I was wrong and I apologize.


KnittingJones said...

Creamy? I saw you as a crunchy! hee hee Actually, I had to ditch 2 jars -- one from home and the office stash. Ain't fair.

A South Park Republican said...

I'm nutty enough without adding some in my peanut butter. But this stuff, it isn't just creamy - it is gritty creamy. There is this weird thing that happens when they reduce the fat that makes it something between the creamy and the crunchy and oh-so-good.

Rebecca said...

Oh, my hubby's cousin in NC had a HUGE jar of the Salmonella PB. I'm glad you didn't get the salmonella, ick ick ick.

Brena said...

I had it too! I was like "Noooo!!!! 2111!!!!!". I ate quite a bit of it as well and kinda had a hard time throwing it out. Hey! I'm low on the cash this month.