Friday, February 23, 2007


I don't think that the guy who stole a television from the WalMart realized he was 'paying it forward' when he stole the t.v. You see I was turning into the WalMart, and the left turn light was red even though the regular light was green, but it was early in the morning and only one lone car was coming and so I was all, "Fuk it, I'm going! Kiss that red light good bye." But then the one lone car was all, "I'm a cop asshole! Pull over." So there I am in the WalMart parking lot, feeling like a supreme idiot, when several people coming running out of the store arms all flailing and stuff. The cop was at his car, writing me up, when the running flailing folk reach him. I can't hear whats going on, but I am staring in my rear view mirror when I see the running flailers hand the cop a sheet of paper and point. Well the cop, who was a fan of the doughnut and in really no shape to run, runs over to my car. He throws my license and stuff in the window, gasps, "I don't have time for this, I've gotta go!" and turns around and runs to his car. He then collapses hops into his car and speeds away. Only later did I learn that someone had taken a t.v. and that the cop dumped me, a mere red-light-turner-oner for the t.v. stealer.

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KnittingJones said...

lol! May all your future tickets end up in the trash.