Thursday, April 26, 2007

Minutes Schminutes, vol. 3

Following precedent of the finest caliber, I share the following SnB moments:

Two new books that are bound to be best sellers: 505 Ways to Improve Your Knitting By Cutting and 505 Ways to Decorate By Fire.

Half of our knitters liked the nasty peach fruity tea, the other half liked the glorious cinnamon tea. All of our knitters liked oreo brownies and raspberry lemon bars. Obviously half of our knitters were overcome with temporary, short term, brain injuries. Or, it may be the Borg.

Capgras delusion - fun for everyone!

If you are going to knit a sweater for a teddy bear that is being donated to charity, you must do it with the worst possible acrylic yarn. The knitting experience must suck a little so that you can feel like you really are doing something charitable.

If you have an extra 20% off sticker to put on any book, and you narrow your choices down to two, just buy both, otherwise you'll regret it and feel like you bought the wrong one.

Should you find yourself impaled on a knitting needle, do not first take a picture - PULL THE DAMN THING OUT!

"His kiss is the kind that gets you wet from ears to toes."

Mini flans are the wave of the future in desert foods. Despite the fact that they are of Spanish decent (I think), they are found in Asian food markets.

Just because you think you aren't going to be giving "it" up, doesn't mean you should get some "yard work" done.

"XY chromosome" or "ex-wife chromosome" ... Are you embarrassed to have 'em?

Should you be a 27ish year old man, with a super secret blog in which you talk about things like midget sex parties and take pictures of your self in superhero costumes (and you want to keep it super secret), you should NEVER EVER mention your place of employment by name. You boss just may find it and then never be able to look you in the eye again.

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Rebecca said...

Ah, you thought that peach tea was nasty, too. Luckily the oreo thing covered up that taste.

All I could think about hearing you guys talking about flan was that Ben Stiller movie with the flan.