Sunday, June 10, 2007

What AM I doing?

So, first, proof. I really did start my Pal's Monkey's and I am soooo loving them. The yarn is working up beautifully thus far (as you can tell by the picture, NOT!). My Pal wrote me back and mentioned that she loved the Monkeys with a picot edge. So this is good, and bad. Because I am me, I had already completed the ribbing and a pattern repeat before I read her response. So I am feeling a little bad that she isn't getting the picot edge. Maybe these socks will fly off my needles and I can make a second pair for her with the picot edge? Yah, who am I kidding? I've already got my second project in the works.

I will openly announce to one and to all that I am a big ole cheater. I am making my Sidewinders in the form of a ped so I can make them fast, fast, fast. And, I am using the left over yarn from the last pair of peds I made which means I am using them for my gauge swatch. Heh.

To take my totally punk-ass-cheater self to the next level, I am changing sizes to account for my gauge being wrong. Yah, this could go badly. My notes read something like, "rows big, sts small, more rows = bigger width and less stitches = shorter length." This could be false. I dunno. It's all good though. I have faith in the good sock karma. I figure I am do some!

I do have one suggestion for those making Sidewinders and that is to make sure you really tighten up the double decreases of the heel. I didn't do that, even though someone else told me to do that (a totally blonde moment if I may say so myself), so I have a little bit of eyelet action going on.

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knitty_kat said...

I enjoy reading your blog, it makes me laugh!

Where did you get the Pligg button?!