Friday, June 29, 2007

C'est Moi

I have taken away blogging control from the Monkeys because all they do is bitch bitch bitch. You think they would have enjoyed our nice peaceful vacation out west. But nooo, to hear them tell it, you would think it was all disregard and neglect sprinkled with moments of terror. Silly socks. It was a great trip.

As previously noted, I did end up sunburned after thirteen innings of afternoon baseball. A sunburn that my hat somehow did not protect me from, nor did the sunscreen. A sunburn that left white marks along the side of my face from where my sunglasses were, but red everywhere else. Let me tell you, now that it is peeling, I'm looking ten types of hot. I have to beat the men (and women) off with sticks. Nothing stirs desire like peely discolored facial skin. Nothing. I also managed to sunburn the top of my hands. Also very sexy.

The trip was a bit of a money drain as I bought too many souvenirs. And yes, one was from Louis Vuitton. But dude, I so needed a new, bigger, much bigger, wallet. It wasn't so much a souvenir as a necessity. It's not like I bought a purse or a suitcase, though I may have been tempted. Same with the stuff from Lush. Also necessities since I am a flakey sunburned freak. The yarn and the jewelry, they were more of the emotional necessities. Things that make you smile. Yes, rationalization is a fabulous thing.

Speaking of yarn, here is a picture of my loot. The colors don't look quite right, but since the picture was taken while stuff was still in my suitcase, I can't say that it is much of a surprise! My overall haul was quite tame if you ask me. The Artfibers sock yarn is in the upper left. It is Valparaiso. A wool/alpaca blend. I was skeptical when it was first shown to me but once I knit it up I found it stretchy and feel goody. There were two other yarns recommended as sock yarn, but neither knitted up sockaliciously. The other two Artfiber yarns are going to be scarves. I think. The two purples off to the right are the Utah yarns. I was told these are made by Nancy Bush (or her company). It is a thicker gauge (I am thinking US 2's would work nicely) which means it will knit up quickly.

Can I take a moment to vent on the state of wifi in American hotels? How is it that when we stayed at the Park City Best Western the wifi was free, but we get to a nice hotel like The Brown Palace or The Westin St. Francis the wifi is not free, it is twenty dollars a day! Let me get this straight, I can pay eighty bucks a night and get free wifi, but if I pay two hundred plus bucks a night you want to charge me for the wifi. Are these people high?

Moving on. I think you may have gathered that I did not get much knitting done, despite all of the driving because I was too busy gawking at the scenery or smoking crack. Even though I was cracked up, I did finish both heels, and have hope to complete the Monkeys this weekend. Maybe then I can finish unpacking and write a proper thank you for my friend. Because saying "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!" doesn't seen like enough.

Remember my hexed yarn, the yarn I tried to knit into Sideways Socksthirty different ways and could never make work? The yarn I was going to burn in the fireplace, but instead ended giving to my friend. Well, recently she was working on the yarn and making some really pretty socks. She would say the hex was gone and I would giggle thinking, just wait! Well shows you what I know! That is a pair of Naga socks, knit with 100% de-hexed yarn for yours truly! Yes, my friend decided to make me socks from my own hexed yarn. So again I say, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I love them from the pretty pattern, to the picot edge, to the perfect fit. Yeah Socks!

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