Friday, November 02, 2007

NaBloPoMo, ii

Not only have I been lax with my knitting updates, I've also been lax in my 'thank yous.' Recently, well not so recently as I have just admitted to being a slacker, but let's just pretend that it was actually recently, because really, recently, it is a good way to open up my sentence. So.

Recently, we've received some neat baby booty from EiC and Joan. EiC is my husband's good friend from way back in high school. He is an author and big wig book executive guy. Now he is an "editorial director," which I think means that he picks which books his company publishes. It could mean that he is a regular schmuck that has been there so long that they gave him a fancy title. But he is smart, so probably not. It use to be, however, that he was a regular editor at a different big fancy schmancy publishing house in New York City. While he was there he could get me free, advance copies of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. Though he has definitely moved up the career ladder, I do miss the free early bird Stephanie Plum books of yesteryear. Anywho, I've digressed, shocking I know.

EiC sent us a couple of neat books. One, The Pregnancy Countdown Book counts down the pregnancy process day-by-day, as if the title didn't give that away. It is totally breezy and not at all freaking me out. Unlike the other books on the topic, such as the one given to me by my doctor that has a whole huge chapter on hemorrhoids and contains several gems about what should and should not be placed inside the vagina during pregnancy. Right in the beginning of the book. Jizzy Frickin Crizzy! That book scared the crap out of me and for the first time in my entire life caused me NOT to read the last chapter first! If you are going to start with with hemorrhoids and vaginal probes, I don't need to know where you are going to end, thankyouverymuch. TPCB, however, has not yet freaked me out. It is still talking about happy stuff at day wherever I am at ... day 156 (had to look that up). There is real medical info, but there is also fluff. I like fluff. The book was light-hearted enough that it lulled me into a sense of comfort so warm and snuggly that after reading a few days when we first got it, I decided to read ahead. Dammit! I knew better, but I did it and you know what, my nice funny irreverent book is real nice and funny and irreverent about babies not ever wanting to come out in the "fourth trimester," the days after the countdown has come and gone and you are overdue! Nonetheless, it didn't scare me, so it is a keeper in the SPR library.

EiC also sent us Sci-Fi baby Names. Can I just tell you how great this book is? If you and your husband have totally different opinions on the whole name thing (Zeus IS a totally viable name and leads to the awesome nickname Z), this can give you some fresh ideas ... Guinan (from Star Trek, TNG, dispenses mind altering libations and snipets of wisdom) or Vril (from Action Comics #42, super brainiac with iffy ethics and megalomania; will end up in jail or with a Nobel Prize). Need I say more?

Joan, she is my friend, a friend from the drunk delightful times known as law school. Joan lived with me in law school and knows that I love my sleep. A lot. And she also knows that I can be a teensy bit whiny about not getting my sleep. It seems that she is concerned that the whole baby thing could mess with my sleep. Totally ridiculous I assure you. I mean, I am sure that our baby will be the one baby in the entire world that falls right into a sleep pattern that mimics its parent's sleep pattern perfectly. Joan must doubt this as she has given us to items which are sure to help our little bean drift off into blissful slumber.

Joan sent us a video, or I should say DVD as that is probably the more accurate term, on how to make your baby sleep. Dr. Phil recommended it. Sounds good to me! I haven't actually watched it yet. I am putting off the viewing of the sleep DVD until it is closer to the time we'll need it. I don't want to forget the important bits. Also, we're out of popcorn. And anytime you put a DVD in, with the exception of DVDs of the adult variety, you really need popcorn. I may also still be a little freaked out after watching the National Geographic special, In The Womb. It is a really neat show and I like all the scientific stuff (each piece of DNA is six feet long! SIX. FEET. LONG. You can't see it with the naked eye, but it is a half an inch taller than my husband!). Nonetheless, the show was a little unsettling. I suspect that is because it seems weird that all that stuff is happening inside of me when I still feel normal. But there ya have it.

The other goody Joan sent was a whole wheat wrapper, uh, I mean a swaddling blanket. I am really psyched about this one. All parents seems to have stories on the magic of the swaddling blanket. So I am hoping that it can work its magic at Casa de Moi. Not that we'll need it. Again, our baby is going to be the non-fussy, sleeps perfectly, bundle of sugar and spice. In any event, we are totally gonna be using this. It comes with very detailed instructions, which is very important because despite the fact that we'll be wrapping the baby up like a burrito, I don't think my burrito making skills (which are quite impressive if I may say so myself) will be all that helpful.

Anywho, my thanks may be late, but they are totally heartfelt. Thanks EiC and Joan! You guys rock!


Rebecca said...

A good rule of thumb is don't sprinkle cheese on the baby before wrapping it up.

lindsey starr said...

funny, my little emmett still asks to be wrapped "like a burrito" when he gets out of the tub! yes, it works, and yes, skip the cheese.... it makes a mess. :)