Saturday, November 03, 2007

NaBloPoMo, iii

I'm in Miami today ... Bienvenido o Miami! I'm basically here for twenty-four hours. I jetted in last night to watch my family receive a post-humus award on behalf of my aunt and today I am catching a Hurricane game and jetting home. It makes me sound much more adventurous that I am. Jet setter, ha!

I got some knitting done on my socks the way down. The sweater is just too big to schlep when I only am using a carry on for all of my stuff. I can't post a progress shot from here, but trust me, you'd be impressed. You'll just have to wait until tomorrow when I am on my home turf.

In the meantime, have I mentioned that we had the big sonogram on Thursday? The one where you find out all sorts of neat stuff like fingers, toes, chambers of the heart, penis? Yah, well our baby seems to have all of its parts, but it is finicky ... and breach ... and using it's umbilical cord like a loin cloth so we don't know what gender it is. Fortunately we have another appointment in three weeks. Hopefully the baby will give up the goods then.


Brena said...

At least your kid is modest. :)

Rebecca said...

I wouldn't worry about the breech thing (if you were). He or she is really tiny and has plenty of room to move around and work itself into a proper position. Have fun jetsetting!