Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NaBloPoMo, vii

My pants don't fit well. This in and of itself would not be the end of the world, had I not discovered the unfittingness during my drive to work when it was way too late to change my pants. You see, my pants, they fit fine when I'm standing up. When I sit down, it's NO GOOD. So when I got dressed and was messing around the house, they were great. By the time I got to work, breathing was a challenge. Add in the fact that I am trying to breathe through gallons of snot and well, life here is not pretty.

In fact, it is so unpretty that I have found myself unable to sleep, unable to read, unable to knit, and unable to watch tv. Put these things together and you have a very boring Jenna. I am (probably) on the mend, so let's hope that by tomorrow I'll have something to tell you about other than my snot. Otherwise this will be a really long NaBloPoMo for everyone concerned ... and I may resort to telling you stories about the old people trying to learn how to vote using those high tech things called "scantron forms" which is only funny when you are sick as hell and slightly delusional. And, maybe also funny when the 80 year old man who was complaining that he wants the "simple, common sense" lever system reinstated causes you to reflect back to when you relocated to a new state and had to give up hanging chads for the lever system, a system that made NO SENSE, and that you needed to have explained to you.

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