Friday, November 16, 2007

NaBloPoMo, xvi

Today is Joan's birthday ... shout out to Joan! Go Joan, it's your birthday! Happy Birthday!

Speaking of birthdays, remember how I was saying that the bean NEEDED to be born of 4/6/8 so I wouldn't screw up and forget its birthday? Well let's just say that I wasn't being a total smartass when I made that declaration. Though I remembered Joan's birthday, I did not remember to send out her birthday card and gift in a timely manner. Which is to say, I was planning to mail it out today. On her birthday. So she would get it Monday, not on her birthday. Whoops. But even a bigger whoops is that I don't have her new address. My great plan, which actually was kind of a sucky plan to begin with, just got worse.

Also, Dogerella? I TOTALLY forgot her birthday. Last year I remembered, and threw her a party. This year, not so much. Which is a bummer. Not only for the dog, who I know was crying on the inside despite her act of nonchalance, but also for me. Because you know me, I love me some cake. Celebrating your dog's second birthday is a great reason to have have cake. I'm thinking that maybe we should throw her a "surprise party" on Saturday. The surprise being that, Ha! It's not your birthday but mom is having cake anyway!

Even though I screwed up the dog's birthday, I've gotten some redemption ....

Remember how I was the teeniest bit bitter that Baby Girl didn't win (or place in) her doggie costume contest? Well that right there is a picture from our local newspaper, announcing the winners of the doggie costume contest. Somehow Baby Girl's picture ended up with the winners, even though she wasn't one. Obviously this means that even the newspaper people thought she should have won! Guess I wasn't just one of "those" moms after all!

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The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

That is too funny! I'm glad you were vindicated - even though your pooch doesn't get a day at the spa!