Tuesday, December 18, 2007


This past weekend we were subjected to a Nor'easter. It was the most pansiest of Nor'easters ever and was basically rain. Nonetheless, my husband being, well himself, decided that I was not to leave the house in case some real weather happened. I'm 32 years old and I was grounded. Like a snotty teenager. This was very bad for my holiday shopping, which can only be described as "Not Done, So Not Even Close To Being Done" but very good for my knitting. Sort of. I haven't gone back to the sweater or the socks I was working on before, but I have started a new project and am one sixth of the way done. Haha, one sixth, I'm a dork.

I've started Branching Out. An easy peasy lace scarf. I'd be more than one sixth done if I hadn't run into gauge type issues. The top picture is good for giving you an idea of the yarn's awesome color. I think the yarn might be a tad bit brighter. Just a tad. The bottom picture gives you an idea of my gauge problem. Specifically using the yarn's recommended needle size made the fabric too loose to get good stitch definition. I couldn't see the pattern in all the mess.

I've gone down two needle sizes and viola, we have a discernible pattern. We also have one sixth of the repeats done. It takes me seventeen minutes to do a repeat. I know, that is a weird thing to know. I don't normally time these type of things but I was trapped inside while a cold wet misty drizzle fell from the clouds. I had time on my hands. I timed the repeats.


The Woolgatherer said...

I really like the pattern. It looks pretty easy.

Suz said...

32 huh? hehehehe