Monday, December 03, 2007

Should Have Bought Salt

It figures, when the husband, that is, he who deals with all things outside, like leaves and snow and ice, is away, nature attacks mi casa! We had a wind storm and our leaves (finally) fell. Then we had an ice storm which sealed in the leaves and created a luge course of our driveway. The one thing I know I can do and do well when it snows, fling that salt deicer stuff, is the one thing we don't have. In other words, we ain't got no deicer and I am royally screwed when I try to drive up the driveway when I get home. Dammit!

Despite the rockin' luge course coating the driveway, I manged to make it out of the garage and to work, on time and in one piece. I got here only to find that everyone called out but Crazy and me. Great. I've had to put on my happy face way more than anyone should and answer questions like, "Why isn't the ice melting? I just don't understand why it doesn't melt?" Um, science? Water freezes. Thirty-two degrees fahrenheit ... ring any bells?

I tried to escape my office by going to the post office. That was like jumping from a pond full of morons into and ocean full of morons. Same thing, only more of it. What I don't get is how these people survive day-to-day life without someone reminding them to you know, breathe. Also, if I was a postal employee and I had been working the counter today, there is a good chance you would have read about me going postal on some of these dumbasses. Props to the mail people for keeping their shit together and you know, not killing me, an innocent bystander, in the crossfire.

Moving on, I've started a new knitting project. Are you excited? No? Damn. I am. I know I should finish one of the two I'm already working. But. Isn't there always a but? But, somehow I roped myself (yah, I can't blame this on someone else it was all me) into knitting socks for a Christmas gift for my personal trainer. TWG and I have the same trainer and she is making her mittens and I am making her socks. In matching yarn. One of us is done with everything but the ends-weaving. One of us isn't. Guess which one I am. Ha! That whole she-is-done thing got me motivated to, I don't know, maybe start.

I am a toe, I come in peace.

I find myself falling in love with knitting again. This yarn, which did not move me so much in the past, has some special love mojo or something going on because I am having the best time knitting it. It just feels divine. If it wasn't intended as a gift for someone else, I'd roll around nekid with it. That is the kind of love I am talking about. Last night while watching two DVR'd episodes of the new season of Project Runway I knitted up two toes. I now have to figure out what I want to do with the pattern part of the socks. I was going to go Monkey, but my stitch count is off. For the pattern. Not my counting. Which happens. Frequently. But not this time. This time I counted right, the pattern just isn't working for me. So I've modified the pattern, again, only smaller this time instead of bigger, and am giving it a try to see what I think. I'm not holding my breathe though. Somewhere I have a knitting book which tells you patterns by stitch count and if I can find it, then I can look in there for something that works with thirteen or fourteen stitch repeats.

In the meantime, I am going enjoy my alone time. Oh and find some animal Valium in the hopes that I can drug the animals into sleeping through the night without their daddy around. It'd be nice so that you know, I could maybe sleep through the night. Any idea how much animal Valium is on the black market? Or, um, where I can find the black market?


The Knitting Blog by Mr Puffy the Dog said...

Yeah, I like STR too, but not well enough to mortage the house for a club membership. Congratulations on making out of the icy driveway. I remember a few times when living in the midwest when my car slide off the road into a ditch....

Husband said...

I suck.