Thursday, August 30, 2007

You Can Never Have Too Many Pictures

Last night I made a somewhat embarrassing admission at SnB. You see, years ago, when I was really, REALLY, REALLY, young, I wrote a fan letter. To an actor. There was this television show called Knight Rider. Maybe you've heard of it? Talking car, tragic protagonist? Anyway, there was this actor in the show named David Hasselhoff. Today I believe he is known as "The Hoff." And, well, when I was young, I liked The Hoff more than I'd like to now admit. And, as an adoring VERY YOUNG fan, I wrote him a letter, a fan letter if you will, the only fan letter I ever wrote. And because my brain sucks and likes to torture me by letting me forget important things like, oh, my anniversary or my phone number, but remembering unnecessary things, I can perfectly recall the letter written in my little girl scrawl. I remember the letter verbatim and it maybe contained words like "love" and "marriage" and it might have been written in a red felt tip pen. And remembering this as an adult, it might make me blush. It might be one of the few things in the entire world that can make me blush because hello, David Friggen Hasselhoff? Although props to my eight year old self for crushing on a celeb who seems to have serious staying power and has not yet faded into oblivion, and boo to The Hoff who NEVER wrote me back (What's up with that Hoff? You weren't that famous then! Couldn't write to an eight year old girl? Send her a head shot? Not even a form letter acknowledging her correspondence? What. Ever. I am SO over you.). Anyway, so last night I admitted that I wrote this fan letter and a dear friend forwarded me this awesome, AWESOME picture, which I now share with you, because I love. Yes, I am a lover. Enjoy.

Speaking of pictures ... Seems I went a little nutty with the photographing of my Mini-Monkeys. I was on the stairs. It was late. The husband was at a Yankee game. The animals were hiding from me. I got carried away.

These Monkeys were originally intended for my Sockapalooza Pal Sandy as a back up pair in case the first pair I knit didn't fit. The first pair fit (yeah!) and so these became mine (yeah!2). The only down side was that they were a little loose in width. Instead of ripping back (lazy!), I decided to make them shorter thinking that the width could stretch out and compensate for length. It worked. They look funny off my feet, but they fit fine on 'em.

Several people who are probably a lot smarter than me tried to convert the pattern to a toe-up version, but, according to the down-low via Google, it didn't really work. I ended up just doing the pattern as written so they are upside down. S'all good to me. Plus, the yarn kind of mutes the pattern so I don't think people will notice. Gosh I hope not! Is there anything worse than being assaulted on a street corner by someone yelling, "You knit your Monkeys upside down. LOOOOOZZZZEERRRRR!"

Um, hmm. What happened to the colors here? Beats me. Camera = Possessed

Now that I've finished these guys, I am at weird point. I only have one work in progress. A sweater. A very big, lots of knitting left to do, and I have to pick up stitches sweater. But I made a promise to myself that I would finish this sweater before I start something else. So last night I brought (I originally was going with 'I dragged' but then I thought maybe 'I drug' and then I decided for a different word choice because my brain farted, in care you were curious) the green beast to SnB and made some progress. I worked on it a little bit last month and finished the front pocket, so last night I edged the pocket, having picked up stitches, which I did my wrong way and not the right way because I couldn't remember the right way. And then I started working on the body part, having picked up even more stitches, again the wrong way. Despite all of this stitch picking up, for all intents and purposes, I still only have one piece done. There is a rumor runnin' round that Fall is right around the corner, but being that it is suppose to be eighty-nine degrees out today, I'm skeptical. If, however, Fall did arrive, it would be nice to have this sweater ready. Also, it would be nice to have this sweater done so I can delve into fun stuff like cashmere.

Yarn: Artyarns, color (in my bag at home), 2 skeins with lots left over
Needles: Addi Circs, size 2.5 mm (US 1)
Pattern: Monkey
Modifications: Added four more stitches to the pattern bit to make 'em bigger. Knit them toe up. Made peds.
Time: 29 days.
Care: Hand wash, dry flat.


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