Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Argosy is done, finished, complete! This was a quick knit and other than turning my fingers a horrific shade of pink, that required immediate hand washing when I finished knitting, it was a great knit. Pattern and yarn played nicely together.

It was damn near impossible to photograph this scarf well. Not the pattern per se, though since I made it so long, that didn't help, it was the color that was anti-photography. As you can see the red is a different shade of red in every single picture. I think the one down below with the dog (looking pitiful) is truest to the actual color, though it's not spot on either.

Speaking of the color, did I mentioned it turned everything red when I was knitting it? What, I did, twenty times? My bad. Well it also bled like a mofo when I washed/wet blocked it.

I thought the red water was totally blog worthy which led my husband to ask me a bit later, "Babe, why is the camera in the bathroom?" Anywho, I washed the scarf and then I rinsed it. After the first wash, I did a vinegar soak hoping that would set the dye ... despite the internet's contentions that it wouldn't. The internet was right. After the vinegar soak, I washed and rinsed this little guy another SIX times. After rinse number seven, the water was still pink but I was tired and so I decided it was done enough for me. We'll see if it discolors my neck.

In real life, i.e., when I am not taking pictures of myself in the laundry room, I plan to wear the scarf dangling long, using the folded in half and pulled through the middle loop method. It is a great length for that. For the purposes of trying to get the whole thing in a picture, I used it as a wrap ... on me and the animals. This pleased some of us less than others. If Boo didn't have a sinus infection, I would have wrapped him up too!

Oh, and I have no idea why I named this post Argonauts ... this scarf is lovely, but it won't get you any closer to the Golden Fleece!

Yarn: Artfibers' Basque, 1 skein (330 yards/150 grams), color 12
Needles: Susan Bates Circs, size 4.25 mm (US 6)
Pattern: Argosy
Modifications: None. I did the pattern repeat 32 times, which falls somewhere in between the recommended numbers. After blocking, my yarn gave me (roughly) one hundred and nine inches of length (significantly longer than the larger sized pattern specs) and seven inches of width (an inch wider than the larger sized pattern specs).
Time: 9 days.
Care: Hand wash cool, dry flat.

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