Friday, January 18, 2008

Working Out The Kinks

Scene: Completing the questions on the Prepared Childbirth Class Questionnaire.

Me: Okay, question: Who would you like to be present with you during your labor?
Him: Circus clowns. Heeeheee. Circus clowns. Heeeee, I made myself laugh.

Me: Okay, now we're on to Comfort Skills. Question: What comfort skills do you plan to use during labor?
Him: [silence]
Me: Um, domestic violence?
Him: Sounds good.

Me: What are the hobbies/activities/sports you enjoy?
Him: Me or you?
Me: You.
Him: Um, exotic dancers, drinking, gambling. Oh wait, no, not gambling, casino gaming. It sounds better.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

This is an odd questionnaire. Do they get to choose if they want you or not, based on hobby? "Sorry, you can't be in the class, we don't accept any golfers." Or is the teacher going to use it to describe comfort measures or birth? "OK, so the questionnaire says you're into gambling. Now, one thing you can do is bring poker chips to the labor to give a back massage." (OK I am making this shit up. I can't imagine why you would want poker chips at a labor, except maybe to throw at unwanted visitors.)