Thursday, March 20, 2008


Not surprisingly, last year at this time Crazy was giving me fits. So basically it's a year later and not one damn thing has changed on the job front. Pathetic. I really should do something about that. I haven't. But I should. Last year I think it was easier to deal with though, since Boo and I were taking a mini-jaunt for our three year anniversary and my hormones were, well, mine and mine alone.

Anywho, today marks year four and um, well we aren't what you would call prepared for celebration. Four years ago we were married in a garden in Las Vegas and held a reception at Morton's. The following year we decide that, in a nod to our wedding itself, we would always celebrate our anniversary either on vacation, with gambling, or at a steakhouse. We've managed to do it too. Until now. Fearful of our baby just randomly falling out of me while we were in Fiji, or Trump's Taj Mahal, neither of which would be ideal, or even pleasant, we put off planning anything. Now that our anniversary is here and I am no more ready to give birth than I was a month ago, we realize we could have gone to Fiji, or at least to a nice dinner out. Since it is a little late to plan something now and we haven't done squat in coming up with a lovely romantic evening, I proposed dinner at Outback. Fancy, huh? Boo upped the ante and said, "Yah, and we'll bring some cards and play poker while we wait for our food." We are all class!

Not to be a total dud, I did go out of my way to do something extra special for Boo. Something so grand, so big, so damn thoughtful, that it would overshadow the lack of other stuff, you know, like a gift, or a dinner reservation. So, for my grand gesture, I had Google give us our very own specialized Google logo that everyone who Googles today will see:

Yep, am I the most awesomest wife ever or what? I am so awesome that I convinced Google to give Boo a very public gift, a personalized Google logo with some pretty "oo" flowers, to help celebrate the greatness that is our marriage.

What? You think this is bogus? You think I am making this up? Go to Google, you'll see. Ohhhh, you think the logo has nothing to do with me or our marriage? For real? Okay. Okay, I confess. Maybe Google doesn't know me from Adam and instead just happened to create a fun logo to celebrate the first day of Spring, a day which (conveniently) coincides with our anniversary. But come on, you have to admit, my version, it is much much cooler and makes me seem like less of a douche.

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Husband said...

You are, were and always will be the prettiest, smartest, most thoughtful, most goofy, and ditziest girl I know ... and I'm damn happy about it. :)

Happy 4th, Mrs. Boo.