Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Turtle or Hare

I finished the Little Sky practice socks for Lady Bean. I did, I did. I thought she might enjoy wearing them today after suffering through the indignity known as "vaccinations" but she didn't. Oh no, she didn't.

I'd like to think that the screaming that commenced when I put the socks on her was due to the various viruses floating through her system because really, that could sour anyone's disposition. And though the virus thing did not help, I suspect the socks were what set her off (that time) because they were too small and I had to really cram her feet in there. The heel didn't reach anywhere near where her heel was ... despite my attempts of pulling, pushing, and prying. And yes, I really did try to cram, push and pull her little feetsies into the sock. Hell, she was already crying, I figured I might as well try to jockey those little fuckers onto her. But it didn't work. She and I had a heated discussion on the virtues of bacon fat as a lubricant and in the end she won out so I didn't grease her up. Can you imagine those feet covered in bacon grease? Gah! That is like a meal right there!

I suspect if I had used half my brain and actually read the pattern, and not skipped important things like "knit 8 rounds" that I could finished these little guys in time to fit her. Having to rip back each sock and re-knit them more than once (or more than twice) because of reading issues, well that is just ridiculous. Especially the second sock. Who has to re-knit a second sock that is identical to the first one she knit? A moron, that's who! In any event, the socks were a fun knit and the construction was interesting. The thing I enjoyed most was the short row heel. I KNOW. I hate the short row heel. At least I did until I did this one. The directions clicked with me and I was able to conceal the wraps in a way that made the sides match and now I know longer hate the short row heel. I KNOW. Crazy.

Yarn: (Leftover) Socks That Rock, medium weight, color unknown, I thought it was Nodding Violet but a browse on Ravelry makes me think not so much.
Needles: Addi Circs, size 3.0 mm (US 2)
Pattern: Little Sky Sock
Modifications: None. Except that I missed a few rounds on one set of ribbing because not only can I not read, I can't count either. Whoops!
Time: 23 days a/k/a as long as it takes for my kid's feet to grow bigger than the pattern.
Care: Machine wash, dry flat.

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