Monday, July 06, 2009


Remember back in the day when I was a knitter and use to blog about my works in progress? Ahhhh, the days of yore. As of late I haven't even managed to blog my finished projects, let alone current ones. But is a new leaf turning? Is this all about to change?

Probably not. Nonetheless, today instead of spending naptime passed out on the couch (a superior way to spend naptime if you ask me), I knit and photographed, and I harvested basil and photographed. More on the basil tomorrow. For today, you get a couple of picky-pic (WTF? Picky-pic? Am I seven years old?) of my current project, as in the one I am actually working on. Jaywalkers in a luscious Kaffe Fassett colorway.

Yes, the Jaywalkers are a tired old pattern that I have done, over and over. But I do like what it does to striping yarn and it is brainless; hence, the ability to do it during naptime!

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