Monday, March 05, 2012

Again and Again

I have an uncanny ability to pick out truly unflattering nail polish.  I've done this for years.  At best I will polish up and look like I have a circulatory problem.  At worse, I'll look like a corpse.  Granted it is just corpse hands, but considering how often I look at my hands (doing the dishes, changing diapers, you know doing the glamorous things in life), it is irksome.  Now I KNOW I do this. So I am always careful when I buy pricey nail polish.  Nonetheless I have ended up with a few corpse inducing Butter of London shades.  Now I can add Zoya's Pandora to that list, which is not actually pricey but still.  DAMMIT!
The mandatory Pinterest nail polish pose.  No, not overly corpsish here. But wait.  You'll see.
I was at Ulta, looking specifically for this color, Pandora.  I'd seen it on Pinterest (DAMMIT PINTEREST! WHY DO YOU DO ME WRONG?) and went to Ulta to TRY IT ON.  Which I did and I thought, "Meh ... prognosis: poor circulation, $8 saved."  But then a sales clerk came over and when I explained my thoughts and the sadness I felt at looking sickly in the polish that I had come to check out, she took a look and proclaimed, "No way!  That color looks great!" At which time my common sense left my body, my brain turned off the part that should note that the sales clerk was being a SALES. CLERK. and I marched the polish up to the checkout area, handed over my hard earned $8 (for which my coupon would not cover) and bought the stupid polish. 

This a glorified crime scene photo. Severed DEAD hand.
And yes, it does help that my fingers look bloated and misshapen.  But still.  CORPSE.
I got home, did another Pinterest thing (melty bead bowl ... more to come on that) and then painted my nails.  This, of course, is when I realized my folly.  You know when it was too late.  When I had already dressed my nails up with Colour de Corpse.  So.  Note-to-self:  Go with your gut.  Ignore the SALES clerk. 

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buttons and beeswax said...

Colour de Corpse, love it! I am a sucker for buying these too, why do we do it to ourselves?

The best tip I read was in Knitorama, and it said you should choose your nail polish to contrast nicely with your knitting. Good advice! :)