Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Next Up

My fingers been toiling away on some greenish-brownish-orangish toe-up Jaywalkers, but my brain has been plotting and planning. It is trying to find a new project. Like a sweater. A sweater that is done from the neck down where you pick up stitches to do the sleeves and don't have to seam them in and give your self angina. But then, there was this really simple sweater on Knitty Gritty which though it had seaming, looked easy peasy.

And before we get to the easy peasy sweater, can we take a moment to talk about Knitty Gritty? It bills itself as "the hip knitting show." I disagree. It should be "trying, trying hard, trying oh so desperately trying, to be the hip knitting show." I find this show painful to watch. In fact, it is so painful that I sat a bunch of my SnBers down and made them watch it so they could see how painful it really is. I am a good friend like that. Hey this sucks, wanna bite? Anyway.

The sweater. It looked simple, was light weight, and most importantly, it had easy seaming. At least on the show. Maybe seaming just gets more complex in my house. Maybe my house is like the poltergeist of seaming. In which case, any sweater requiring seaming is going to suck. So I am going to think on it. I'm also thinking about snow, Indian food, and when this day will end.

I really don't feel like being at work. I have much more interesting things I could be doing. Like flossing. Although. I do have floss here. So maybe I could floss and work, at the same time. It might be kinda gross. But I would be less bored. Or, I could just stare out of my office window and day dream ...

When she wasn't hiding under my desk or stashing kibble in various places in my office, Dogbert stared out of my office window longingly.


KnittingJones said...

You need to get addicted to Elizabeth Zimmerman's knit from the bottom up no seams raglans. I'm hooked.

PS Nice dog!

A South Park Republican said...

Thanks - on both. I haven't dipped my toe into the pool that is Ms. Zimmerman but maybe it is time!