Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ziggily Zaggaly

I think I may have mentioned that my Chevron Socks were finished despite lack of photograph evidence, yes?

Well here ya have it! These were a quick, fun, particularly painless knit ... once I found the right pattern for the yarn. Yarn which was a very nice gift from my SP9 Pal (someone I still don't know who was ... who were you SP9?!?). Even though the yarn was suppose to be a practice pair of Monkey's, something that just look gawd awful and almost made me quit the Monkey pattern all together, I still think these are happy socks. Not socks of DOOOOM! And even though they were frogged seventy gajillion times, the yarn held up nicely.

When I finally settled on Charlene Schurch's Chevron pattern, and got to knitting, the socks flew off the needles. The pattern is particularly quick to knit. I modified the sock pattern itself to work better for me and my idiosyncrasies. The leg is shorter because the yarn was thicker and I didn't want it all that high up on my leg. I made them toe-up, because, well, I am partial to the toe-up formula. And, I used the Queen Kahuna gusset and heel. That is really a pretty little gusset and heel, if you are one that likes gussets. If you aren't well then, no matter how pretty, you wouldn't like it so much.

I have one change/idea for the next time I use this gusset and heel, but I sitll like them as is and I'm glad I decided to use it on these guys. I think it works really nice with the pattern and yarn.

Overall these were a fun and quick knit.

Yarn: Two Waters Fiberworks, Merino Sock
Needles: Addi Circs, size 2.5 mm (US 1)
Pattern: Chevron Socks, Sensational Knitted Socks. Modified to be toe-up with a Queen Kahuna gusset and heel.
Time: 13 days.
Care: Hand wash cold, dry flat.

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