Thursday, June 14, 2007


Every now and then I get random questions in my comments or e-mails. The e-mails I can answer, but because blogger won't let me ask for a commenter's e-mail address ... well, I can't write a commenter back (damn you Blogger!). So, here are some answers, observations, and such which may or may not have been in my comments.

  • The pligg and ravelry buttons in my sidebar ... I copied the pictures (the pligg from Alison's blog's front page and the ravelry one from the somewhere in the ravelry website) on to my computer, futzed with the size in my picture editing software, loaded them up into photobucket, and then linked to them on my sidebar. Easy peasy!
  • My Pal's Monkeys' in progress. The yarn works up really nicely. Surprisingly nicely.

  • My ball winder does in fact have a little bump which you can push the metal bar thing over to lock it into place. All of my drama and contortions were totally unnecessary, had I actually looked closely at the thing. One hundred percent user error.
  • My vacation (or, Are you really so snotty that you only go to snobby stores?) ... We are going to Utah, Colorado, and California. The impetus for this trip was the Yankees' away schedule. My husband lured me in with tales of Olympic bobsled rides, alpine slides, and ziplines. Then he snuck in the baseball stuff. Not that I object to watching hot men in tight pants flex their muscles and prance around, because I so don't, that is always a good thing. In between death defying rides and scenic drives (Pike's Peak, Moab, and so on), we will be watching the Yanks play the Rockies as well as the Giants. I am hoping that Barry Bonds has some major home run karma goin' on so that there is a possibility that one of our games could be the one where he breaks Hank Aaron's record. Not because I like Barry (I don't and would prefer that he not break the record, but my preferences mean squat), but because we could totally sell our tickets for some major moula because YES! I am totally that snobby and superficial and would love all of my souvenirs to come from Louis Vuitton. And, should Barry Bonds screw me over (like how his home run hitting is all about me?), then I am looking forward to oogling A-Rod's butt and grabbing some garlic fries.
  • Some of the random searches that have landed people here ...
    "fuking in publick park" What is with the pub-lick? Lick, is this some sort of pun?
    "southpark sock my balls" I am thinking this person was looking for some ball sUcking - not sOcking. What a disappointment my site must have been. Nary a ball is sucked.
    "bad septic system, cant afford a new one" Dude. I am with you. I feel your pain.
    "boring republican idiots" Did you run out of interesting republican idiots?
    "world biggest booboo turd" Ummm ???
  • My Sidewinders ... They are on the back burner because I am an idiot and do not know how to follow directions. I need to rip out my toe shaping and start all over. Since I am going to have to do that, I am thinking about ripping back my heel too. Basically ripping back everything, right to my crochet cast on, which, if I may say so myself, is perfection!
  • The Crazy factor at work ... No, it hasn't gotten any better. In fact, I was just commenting today that it seems to be ramping up. We are at Delta Force Five, Code Orange. We've been treated to an entire day of crazy because someone had the unmitigated gall to (finally) change the batteries in the fire alarm in front of the bathroom, right before Crazy had to use the bathroom, causing her a delay of seven seconds. Obviously treatment like this requires the hurling of obscenities and a trail of tears.


Sockapalooza4pal said...

Love your Monkey socks, yarn color and all, love your profile, hate Notre Dame and am sure Crazy works in my office as well! As for sideways socks, they seem pointless to me just like those patterns that you knit and then cut apart. Geez... Sockapalooza4pal at gmail

Rebecca said...

Casein needles have been sucked, though. Or was it licked?

Maybe they are looking for an old-fashioned public park, like The Publick House in an old novel or something.

KnittingJones said...

Purple and lime green are one of my favorite combinations! And if you want a change of crazy, I'd be happy to give you some of my family court clients!

Sue said...

you are flipping hilarious, i just wanted you to know. 'nary a ball' indeed!