Thursday, July 05, 2007


I have a huge piece of lettuce stuck in my teeth. Which really, considering my teeth, is not all that weird being that I have a gaping space back by my molars, which as far as gaping spaces between your teeth goes, is not such a bad place to have it. No one can see it and I've never needed braces. Just dental floss. But I digress, the lettuce, it is being fidgety and anti-dental floss. It is irking me. So there you have it. I'm irked because lettuce, it is being digestive resistant.

I'm also not feeling the whole work vibe. Which considering me and my job, is not surprising. Also, Crazy is on hyperspeed crazy, which fuels my desire to not work and say, pick at the lettuce stuck in my teeth instead. This morning she was very concerned as to why I was at the town hall and not in the office. She quizzed multiple people about this. Guess updating my notary stuff, stuff that I have only because the office needed a notary, well I guess that is really personal time. She wanted to dock me time. I told her she couldn't dock me for the notary time, but she could dock me for the time it took me to walk over to Starbucks when I had finished the notary stuff.

It use to be that I was not much of a Starbucks fan and often thought its coffee tasted like ass (or what I assume ass would taste like, should I ever have a cup 'o ass). When I visited Seattle, I tried every Starbucks I passed hoping to find a winner. I never did. I think I spent about two hundred bucks on various coffee drinks that I threw away. I suppose it was my taste buds and not Starbucks that changed because now, I have a few things I like. Opa first introduced me to the chai latte which I cottoned to like a hooker to crack. From there I found the fat free latte and the Java Chip frap. The plain ole coffee, still ass-like if you ask me, but the peripherals, they rock. So today, when I fell in love with a new peripheral, the ham, cheddar, egg sandwich, well, I was willing to be docked the ten minutes it took to purchase that bad boy because DAMN it was DELISH! It was also surprisingly filling in that I couldn't finish my lunch this afternoon. Either that or my clothes are so tight that the space needed for my lunch to reside was being squashed up against my rib cage. I'm going to give the Starbucks sandwich the benefit of the doubt (and maybe I don't want to face the possibility of my clothes being so tight that I shouldn't be going to Starbucks in the first place).

Which brings me to now, where I am feeling pleasantly plump and a little sleepy and not the least bit motivated to work. I'd knit, but my knitting is in the car. I was trying to make myself work today and to do that I left my knitting in the car. Distancing the temptation or something. My knitting projects are not really lighting a fire under my ass, so I don't think I want to travel the stairs of death to go get them and work on them. For anyone who is following along, I am back to my Sidewinders (having ripped out the whole damn thing up to the provisional cast on and started all over the night before last) and am also working on the kangaroo sweater. Because really, it is nine hundred degrees out, could there possibly be a better time to knit a heavy wool sweater? I do have in my car a CD that I just purchased. A new album I like enough that it very well could give my JT album a run for it's money. Should I feel like braving the stairs of death, I think I would do it more for some tunes than for my knitting.

Oh, and not related to anything at all above, I almost messed my self earlier. I wanted to sign into my blog and made a typo. I type http:\\, instead of SPot, and ended up on a bible school site. Yes, bible school. For a good minute or two I thought someone had hacked my little ole atheist blog to put up Jesus stuff. It took some careful reading for me to see that it was all user error and not diabolical hacking or weird divine intervention. Once I saw that it was my goof, then I was okay, well, but for the lettuce in my teeth.

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