Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Question One: So when I came home today, it was to find a package waiting for me, or rather, waiting for Lady Bean. And it was from Crazy! Just when you thought we were done getting gifts from Crazy and it was safe to check the mail ...

So, do I open it now or do I wait to open it until we "set up XMAS tree" as directed on the bottom of the mailing label? Also, cool or creepy that she is still sending LB gifts?

Question Two: I mucked up LB's C'mas stocking.

What? You don't see the goof? Here, look again.

I zigged when I should have zagged. So obviously, I need to rip back. But do I rip back to the beginning and start all over? Maybe do it toe up and make the "snow flakes" face the same way they do on the picture of the stocking. Yah, I KNOW. It totally annoys me that the picture was obviously knit toe up while the pattern is written toe down. I don't think one looks better than the other. It just makes me twitchy that they won't be the same. Also, I think LB's name could be fatter. Maybe two rows instead of one. Sounds like I may have already answered this question, eh?

Question Three: How long do green peas stay in one's system?


Sue said...

ok jenna, you are obviously more of a perfectionist than i am because i would just continue on, i think it looks great!! although i do agree about the name, but it wouldn't bother me enough to undo all of my work, lol.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I love the pattern you are using for LB's stocking! I wouldn't rip back unless you are convinced you won't get discouraged and maybe not finish in goes by so quickly from now until Christmas. My MO is that unless it's a critical error I move forward.