Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I've Been Thinking

Yesterday afternoon, after spending three hours working on socks that were too damn long and having to rip them back a third time, I decided that they were not meant to be; the greenish-brownish-orangish socks were done, fini, caput. So I took them home (yes, the three hours working on the socks was done at work, not at home, and yes, it was better than actually working at work, but still, it was for naught, I was ticked) and began to frog. But an odd feeling crept over me when I was ripping and I realized I couldn't rip the whole thing out. This is the second time that has happened. The second time I've realized a project was screwed, but I couldn't give up. I don't consider myself as someone with a whole lot of stick-to-it-ness. In fact, I find that I am pretty good at moving on when something doesn't suit me. Self-centered? Fickle? But with knitting, it seems, I am different. Not-so-fickle? So, in the end I ripped back until I had only five inches of foot (which seems ridiculously short for a ladies size ten foot) and started on the gusset. Again. I am going to do the entire gusset and heel on one sock before I move to the other one. Just in case I have misjudged. Again. I really wanna finish these stupid things though because I've got me some ideas!

I have sweater ideas and sock ideas and some more sweater ideas and some more sock ideas and even a scarf idea and a wrap idea. Which reminds me, I have decided to gift (or re-gift since I gave it to myself first) the silk smelly wrap/scarf to my MiL. I've never gifted (or re-gifted) a hand-knit before. Actually, I've never gifted anything homemade before - with the exception of cards, which count but don't, yah know? I'm hoping she likes it. I'm also hoping she doesn't wear it in the rain. And, HOLY CRAP! Y'all, I have another idea which really should be the first of my random ideas because it is just so damn exciting.

You might now know this, but I've been known to hatch a few harebrained ideas in my time. But this one? So not harebrained. In my never-ending quest to find a job that I don't loathe love, I look at other non-legal jobs to see if I would like them more. Often the answer is yes. I assume this is because of the high suck factor of my actual job, and not my profession. This is the reason I can't kiss being a lawyer goodbye. I think I might like the law if I wasn't being beaten down by 1) crazy co-workers and 2) crazy clients.

I also think that I have stumbled on an idea which would be a lot of fun, get me out of my job and still let me use my law degree, while at the same time requiring that I go back to school to get yet another degree. I like going to school and don't mind this going-back-to-school thing at all, but our household budget would totally mind. Which is why I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to convince Boo that getting an MLS, or masters in Libary Science, is Brilliant! Awesome! The Smartest Idea Ever!

Boo, he was not so convinced that this is The Smartest Idea Ever. Or that is was even a Good Idea. I had to bust out my secret skills of persuasion (not to be confused with my secret skills of perversion). Now, he is on board. Well, he isn't not on board. Actually he was all, well look into it more. So that is something I am going to do. Look into it, for real, not just as one of my fluffy ideas like researching the most winning lottery numbers and playing them religiously as "our numbers" to better our odds of winning.

Ya see, in my mind, I could be a Law Librarian. The nice lady that helps you find out whether having sex with dead animals really is illegal. The nice lady who explains the correct way to cite legislative history from 1897. The nice happy lady. The nice lady who spends her day working at a job she likes instead of:

  • playing twelve games of free cell,
  • reading all of her regular blogs (and checking back for updates),
  • reading many new blogs (thank you webrings!),
  • finding a pattern for her yellow/green STR yarn,
  • researching local master degree programs,
  • finding new shrimp recipes,
  • writing three letters to three clients,
  • thinking about organizing her top desk drawer,
  • researching how to whistle really loud by using your fingers (without finding a way that works),
  • figuring out what the GRE is, and how to take it; and
  • moisturizing and trimming her cuticles.
Yes, I could be a productive person who uses her brain to produce something worthwhile for several hours a day. It boggles the mind!


Jill said...

Do it! Go back to school. I went back about four years ago to get my MLS and it's the best decision I made. Now I'm working on a second MA in English. But I wanted to be a reference librarian in an academic library. There are always positions advertised for law librarians, or you could possibly be a corporate librarian. It's a great investment in the future.

Brena said...

Hey! At work I also...

read knitting blogs all day long

follow webrings to find new blogs to read

print knitting patterns all day long

organize my desk to have better feng shui

research how to open a corked bottle of wine

study for my GRE

redo my nails and groom my eyebrows


wish i was working from home so that i could be playing my Gamecube instead.

Tamara said...

Hi! I just visited you blog because you left a comment on mine (thanks, btw:)). Wow - you really have a lot of ideas! Ironically, I'm not allowed to have any ideas right now because my husband is studying for the bar exam which means our whole life is on hold/in limbo for the next 6 weeks. It doesn't seem like it would be a long time til you actually have to live it! Anyway - your blog looks like a fun place - I hope to come back and visit again!