Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Forecast 08: Mild Slackeritis

All over the internet I've been reading these mad crazy lists filled with the knitted goodness (and sometimes, let's be honest here, the knitted badness) that people have finished this year. I read in awe, and embarrassment, because y'all are knitting ninjas and me, I'm a slacker. I decided to see exactly how much of a slacker I really am and I did a little tally of my finished objects for ought-seven. I would say I am only a moderate slacker. I'm not as big of a slow poke as I thought, though there is room for improvement (as well as variety).

I finished one scarf. That would be the Branching Out that I just finished and it would be for me!

I finished nine pairs of socks. A pair of Monkeys for my personal trainer, Monkey peds for me, Wild Kat peds for me, Monkeys for my Sockapalooza pal*, Chevron socks for me, Queen Kahuna peds for me, Anastasia socks for me, Feather and Fan socks for me, and Jaywalkers for me. Yes, in case you were counting, that is seven pairs of socks for me and two for others. I like knitting socks. Socks that I can wear.

I finished one shawl. A fringy shawl. I've worn it once. I love shawls but I'm not exactly sure when to wear them.

I also finished one square for a baby blanket.

I have three items sitting unfinished. The Argosy scarf which I am currently working on and then, well, then there are my kangaroo duo sweater and the Ronald McDonald looking Jaywalkers. Two UFOs in the most UFO kind of way.

I haven't exactly been burning up the needles, but then again, I did finish an average of one item a month. If I was to have a knitting goal, I suspect it would be to knit more, like maybe an average of 1.5 items per month. Not much of a goal, but a goal nonetheless. I'm not foolish enough to say "Goal: Finish the Kangaroo Duo Sweater," though that would be an admirable goal. And, I really would like to wear it. Maybe I will try to knock it out once I finish Argosy. I have a few more of the middle repeats and then I think it will be time to do the bottom decreasing repeats so Argosy's end is near.

If I wasn't a bit  crazy   superstitious   paranoid  eccentric, I might start knitting baby items which are small and quick and good for the purposes of cranking out hand knit items. But I am  crazy   superstitious   paranoid  eccentric, and I worry that it is just asking for trouble to start knitting for the Lady Bean. So for now, I will poke along, knitting things for myself, and hoping to finish my that damn Kangaroo Duo.

*Speaking of Sockapalooza, there is a rumor going around that Sockapalooza 5 will be coming up soon! This excites me. I kind of think as Sockapalooza as charity knitting with instant karma mixed in ... you are 'charity knitting' a pair of socks for some random person but the karma is instant because BAM you get your own pair of knitted socks at around the same time. Your pal doesn't come through? Well obviously you did something to muddy your karma. I am sure many people will find this definition of charity abhorrent and to them I say, pooh! Pooh! Yah, yah, I hear you, you don't knit for charity so that you can get something in return (which I think is a lie, you are getting something in return, even if it is smug satisfaction for doing something nice). Whatever!

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MrPuffy said...

Branching Out is beautiful - and is a great color on you. Did I hear a New Year's Resolution. Hum - finish the sweater?